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On-line Video Counseling 

I have been offering online counseling for several years now. As skeptical as I was about it at first, I have been surprised to see that it is not a second best choice. Video on-line counseling and therapy when done right is as equally effective as meeting in person in the office. Taking a few steps can help you to get just as much as much out of your virtual therapy session as you get face-to-face. 

Tips To Get The Most Out Of On-Line Therapy

Be at your computer, phone or tablet 5 minutes before your session.

Prepare your meeting space. Be located someplace where you can have privacy and be without interruption. For some of you this may mean using your car for the meeting space.

Just as you would in an in office meeting, put phones and other devices that you won't be using for the meeting on silence or "do not disturb."

 Use earbud or earphones. This improves the sound quality and gives you more privacy.

Have your phone available in case we loose our video connection and I need to call you.

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